Alefiya and Aliakbar’s Wedding

It was supposed to be special and unique. The brief was to create a new experience for the guests as well as a fun-filled one for the families. So we began with selecting The Pride Club as the venue with the guests put up at the club itself for the three days of celebrations. A family holiday plus wedding celebrations combo and the family loved the idea. The already beautiful property of the Pride Club was further beautified with vibrant flowers, props and lights that transformed the venue completely by night.

Hailing from a Muslim family, Alefiya and Aliakbar dreamt of fun-filled wedding just out of a Karan Johar film! So in came elaborate Sangeet celebrations with choreographed dances organised by I Do. To say it was a hit is a mini-statement!

From décor to DJ, from choreography to travel arrangements, from cuisine managements to trousseau packing, we had an absolute fantastic time planning their wedding from the word go. Not to mention we achieved it all in a mere month’s time!