Sarda’s Housewarming

The Sarda’s, came up to us with an event  requirement which is sure to become trendy in the near future. This was something we at I Do! could not resist.


The Sarda’s, required us to plan their housewarming , but as magical and dreamy their lake side home is , a usual traditional house warming ceremony would just not cut it.


We had ‘shabby chic’ which blends using eco-friendly and natural décor such as old wine bottles, mason jars, bamboo sticks  as our décor theme which blend perfectly with the beautiful lawns of this home .  The mason jars lined with lace, the hanging bamboo, and the light colors ensured that the house was still shone the brightest. For takeaways potted plants were given again sticking to do the eco-friendly theme of the home.


Then came night fall, the white themed décor and the subtle yet elegant natural décor, made for a dreamy setting. Words cannot do justice to these wonderful pictures shot at the location.