Wedding Planner

Rashida Abuwalla

I love weddings!



Mess, mayhem, music, memories, what is there not to love about weddings? It is an event of a lifetime with so many emotions attached to it, of people so dearly entwined with each other. It is a joy just to be a witness to it all!


But more than that, it is the relish of being able to give happiness to people in love. Bending backwards to bring a smile on the faces of the bride and groom, their families and friends. With more than three years at weddings as a planner, this brings me the most joy. From Bollywood style gigs to traditional dos, from exotic destination weddings to designer affairs, the bigger it gets the better!


A graduate in Media Studies, my diverse experience in wedding planning has honed my creative ability to think, innovate and design new experiences for my clients every time. I love looking at the details, meticulously ensuring the last flower or glass is in place and where better to put that in practice than a wedding? Do take a look at my services and let’s get in touch. I’m sure together we can create memories that both of us will cherish forever!


Looking forward to speaking to you!


Rashida Abuwalla