Yes, you do.
Because wedding planners can save you more money than the fees you pay them. Your wedding planner can get you a surprisingly pleasant bargain you may not be able to get for yourself simply because of his/her relationship and long-term association with the vendor. And if you select us, you are in for a treat as we work with the people best in their business in Bangalore.


A planner can –
Save you money

  • By providing cost-effective options you hadn’t considered or did not have the means to know of
  • By budgeting the wedding according to market rates, best deals and know-how of what can be avoided for cost-cutting

Save you time

  • By taking over the details with their professional approach. The quicker it is, less stress for all. You need to invest that time in more important things such as enjoying the important event with your loved ones

Save you effort

  • A professional makes organising an event easier because of the experience and knowledge they bring on board
  • A wedding planner is a professional and hence they can get you quality service and quality products with their experience
  • He/She is your right arm man, your one-man army and he can look after the smallest to the biggest detail, be it welcome gifts, guest transport, decoration et al, without you having to worry about any of it

Save you stress
Wedding planning can be stressful and with a wedding planner by your side, you can relax and enjoy your perfect “Big Day”. Because on D-day you have more important things to do than co-ordinate with vendors or worry about that vintage car you have booked not having arrived yet. Leave that to the wedding planner and you sit back and enjoy your self.