At ‘I Do’ we believe to maintain professionalism with a personal touch. It is much more than business for us. ‘I Do’ stands for meticulous planning and attention to detail for the perfect execution of your wedding plan. We know everyone says this, just that with us it goes the extra mile. Right from your initial planning stages of finding the right wedding venue in Bangalore till your big day, we make sure your special day’s celebration exceeds your expectation.

As wedding planners, we have a rich and diverse experience in wedding planning and a vast repertoire of vendor contacts. We are capable of providing every kind of service you can think of. And when you can’t, we will also ideate and innovate for you. You need a particular look and fall of the drapes? We will suggest, hunt and find the right wedding decorator or get it done ourselves. You wish for a vintage car for the D-Day? We will move heaven and earth to get it. You are looking for that dream wedding destination? Happy to help! We carefully listen to your requirements and design a wedding exactly how you want it, in ways far more cost-effective than you could imagine.